Air Conditioning in Chetek, WI

We offer traditional air conditioning units as well as some great new ductless options from Mitsubishi. 

The new ductless air conditioning technology from Mitsubishi dramatically cuts down on power use and your electric bill by allowing you to only heat and cool the rooms you are using. It is also quieter than current central air or window units. This is a great option to replace an aging and inefficient system.

Looking at the diagram below, you can see the versatility of these new systems. With a single outside unit, you have the ability to set different temperatures in many different zones, and even turn zones off to conserve energy, and money, when an area is not occupied.

These systems come with a great warranty covering the compressor and other parts for 5-7 years depending on the system chosen and specific application of the installation.

Not sure what's right for your home or business? Not a Problem! These units come in various sizes that will cover anything from a small summer cabin to installing multiple units when necessary to cover the larger sized split level homes as well. We also repair and install conventional AC central air units if you decide that will better fit your needs.

We work on everything from new construction to retrofitting your current house, installed seamlessly within your current residence. We will also work with your existing structure no matter how big or small to achieve the comfort you're looking for.

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